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                   Companies to story

                  Toppymore History 2014

                  2014 Jiangsu Sunsportive International Trading Co., Ltd officially launched its own e-business model.

                  Toppymore has grown into a business team with 57 people and has its own knitted and woven production base with 300 people. In the same year it began to promote its own e-commerce.

                  Toppymore History 2013

                  2013 Toppymore International (Huaian) Co., Ltd underwent a complete upgrade and officially changed its name to "Jiangsu Sunsportive International Trading Co., Ltd"?

                  Toppymore succeeded in industry and trade integration and the whole team achieved more professional business development.

                  . On April 19, 2013 Through SA8000 authentication

                  . On April 23, 2013 Through factory inspection by COSTCO

                  . On May 28, 2013 Through factory inspection by Carrefour

                  . On October 28, 2013 Through factory inspection by PEI

                  Toppymore History 2012

                  . On April 10, 2012 Through factory inspection by COSTCO

                  . On June 17, 2012 Through factory inspection by SEARS/KMART

                  . On December 12, 2012 Through factory inspection by Walmart

                  . On December 20, 2012 Through factory inspection by Adidas

                  Toppymore History 2011

                  . In October 2011, Through BSCI international certification, Toppymore became the formal member of European BSCI institution and began to provide European premium brands with business services.

                  . In February 2011, Toppymore had its own clothing production base and had successful operation.

                  . In 2011, sales has already surpassed the target of RMB 100,000,000, at the top of the industry.

                  Toppymore History 2010

                  In February 2010, the plan of Toppymore clothing production base has been fully active. The factory buildings and supporting facilities have been erected.

                  In July 2010, the clothing proofing center was established and in October 2010, the production staff were formally recruited to compose a whole production line.

                  Toppymore History 2009

                  In 2009, the business team has grown into 23 people. The sales of four departments continued to grow. Toppymore started planning their own clothing production base, both knitted and woven.

                  Toppymore History 2008

                  In 2008, sales jumped to RMB 50,000,000. Toppmore was rated as A class of foreign trade enterprises.

                  Toppymore History 2007

                  In 2007, Toppymore International (Huaian) Co., Ltd was formally established with a small group of only seven people.

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